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NIRSleep is developing an easy-to-use wearable neuroimaging platform to calculate sleep indices by measuring cerebral oxygenation. Our technology and design will produce higher quality data and more actionable insights than consumer wearables but won’t disrupt the sleeper with bulky or wired multi-component systems like current sleep-measurement tools. NIRSleep is easy to use for multi-night tests and may capture behavioral conditions such as insomnia. Interestingly, the platform could be used during wake to investigate cognitive function, or cerebral hypoxia. NIRSleep is rugged, waterproof, easily integrated into headgear like skullcaps and helmets, and can either stream or store data securely on board.

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Medicine requires fast-acting diagnosis of infectious disease to best assess the population’s health and to heal the injured and sick. Directly monitoring immune system chemistry can act as an early indicator of infection.  DermiSense is developing a zero-power, shelf-stable, low area, painless, simply applied and easily interpreted way to monitor immune response which would add significant value in the fight to limit the spread of infectious disease.  DermiSense uses flexible and bio-inert microneedles that extract dermal interstitial fluid. This fluid could activate lateral flow assays for clear and actionable infection detection.


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